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Employment White Paper November 2022

The members of the Northern Australia Universities Alliance provide the following comments on the Employment White Paper. We look forward to further opportunities to expand on this submission through consultation with the Taskforce.



Central Queensland University, Charles Darwin University and James Cook University are the three Australian universities headquartered in Northern Australia. We have established the Northern Australia Universities Alliance (the Alliance) to enable us to collectively engage with the policy making and practice that is essential for the sustainable social, environmental and economic development of Northern Australia.


Regional development and labour markets

The Alliance is strongly of the view that the White Paper needs to acknowledge the significant (and often different) challenges that exist in workforce issues in regional, rural and remote (RRR) areas, including in Northern Australia. Stronger foundations in Indigenous led-development, education and training, workforce, health and ecologically sustainable development are all essential components of a Northern Australia development strategy. As such, significant cross-over exists between regional (and northern) development policies, and national employment policy. The “Our North, Our Future: White Paper on Developing Northern Australia”, for example, has already identified the importance of these considerations in developing national employment policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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